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Not Sure About Relationship Coaching & Counselling?

Here are just some of the many questions people have asked about our Coaching Program...

Relationship Coaching For Singles or Couples

Will Counselling Save My Marriage?

No! Counselling alone wont save your marriage.

It has no doubt taken many years for your to get to the place in your relationship and there is no quick fix or magic solution to your marriage woes. However almost any marriage will improve with the right Coaching,  Counselling, Practical Resources and a Willingness on your part to try new approaches and skills.

What is the Relationship Ladder?

Relationship Ladder Your Best Approach to Marriage

Every Long term relationship has many dimensions or "rungs" that need to be in place in order to succeed. Climbing the "ladder of relationship success" is not easy and many keep falling down and never reaching long term relational fulfilment. The Relationship Ladder is an innovative approach designed by Rick Brouwer over 20 years of Coaching to help you ascend to higher relational fulfilment. Firstly it helps you understand which "rungs" on your Relationship Ladder are breaking down or not in place; Secondly it implements a personalised strategy to strengthen those rungs that will most improve your relationships.  Finally you receive the ongoing counselling, coaching, resources and support to ensure you repair, enhance and maintain a fulfilling & lasting relationship.

My partner has had an affair, what should I do?

Overcome Infidelity and Save Your Marriage Today

Nobody really understands the trauma of infidelity upon a marriage until you have experienced it for yourself. Your whole world seems to be falling apart... Where can you turn for wisdom and guidance? Many counsellors will give you poor advice, like "just leave" or "just forgive and move on". The answers are not that simple and you know there is so much at stake and so much to lose.

I have personally helped hundreds of couples navigate infidelity, broken trust, emotional affairs, secret phone messages, porn addictions and more. There is a path forward, but much wisdom is needed to know which way to navigate the rocky waters of infidelity.

Stop the Arguments in your Marriage

We keep arguing over the same things, how can we make it stop?

Every couple have issues that they get stuck on that depend on your unique combination of  personality, stage of life, ideals, beliefs, past experiences and current challenges. 

Learning to navigate these moments of conflict without escalating into all out war is paramount. The truth is, differences and arguments are inevitable, but how you approach them and your how you treat your partner during these times is what counts. Realising that most conflicts between couples are cries for greater connection is key to increased harmony and closeness.

Get Marriage Help For Your sake and the Children's

Is Relationship Coaching Worth the Investment of Time and Money?

Only You can make that decision... because the outcomes are largely in your hands.

But, ask anyone who has been through divorce or separation. What was the loss to them in terms of time, emotional energy, mental health, finances, assets, health, work, children, friendships and social status... Most would have wished they had tried harder and invested more to save the marriage had they know the true cost of a break up.

The truth is, my desire to work with couples is motivated not just to assist them, but also to fight for those who are not even in my counselling room, namely your children, your extended family and your social networks.

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