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Relationship Coach Rick Brouwer

Counsellor and Coach Rick Brouwer can assist you find the right way forward on your relationship journey.


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Is your marriage in real trouble? Don’t panic. Even if your spouse has said “it’s over” or doesn’t want to come to counselling or you feel there is no hope, we are committed to helping you turn things around and recover the marriage.


Christian Marriage Counselling & Coaching is for you if:
  • Your marriage is in trouble and you want to feel closer to your spouse.

  • You are on the brink of divorce, or even in the midst of divorce proceedings.

  • You and your spouse live under one roof but are emotionally disconnected.

  • You’re currently separated and may have little contact with your spouse.

  • There has been unfaithfulness and/or an emotional affair.

  • You frequently have the same old arguments about sex, money, communication styles, parenting, step-families, extended family, friends, how free time is spent, religion, etc.

  • You have tried other forms of counselling that did not seem to work

  • You want counselling based on Christian principles and a strong commitment to saving the marriage.

  • You want practical, not preachy advice.

  • You want a guarantee that the time together will produce results


So what should you do?

We know this is the most difficult time in your life, but we are going to help you to save your marriage and come up with a positive strategy that actually works. To get started there are three things you should know….

1. Stop trying harder…

It’s natural to try to persuade your spouse to stop being so pessimistic about your marriage and to commit to working things out. However, you’ve probably noticed that the more you’ve tried harder to change yourself or your partner the more disappointed you have become. Then, perhaps through disappointment and hurt you nag your partner to change and yet your efforts have backfired. So, the first thing you need to do is to stop trying harder to change yourself and your partner and stop the lecturing, pleading, crying, or pressuring, sending flowers or cards. You may be actually pushing your spouse out the door! Most couples in trouble feel plain exhausted by the constant conflict or lack of emotional connection. It is when you reach that point of exhaustion from trying everything you know to do, but without the right results, that you may be tempted to just give up…

2. Don’t give up.

Most marriages fail after one or both partners try harder to improve their marriage and then get discouraged when things don’t change. Over time, this leads to the temptation to just give up on the marriage or your partner. Giving up on the marriage can come in many forms, not just divorce. For some couples it means living totally separate lives and following totally separate interests. For others giving up on the marriage means having an affair or getting too close to a co worker. Many simply shut down emotionally or sexually from the marriage. Others give up through depression or withdrawal or bitterness or anger. Others use work, alcohol, porn, fantasy or other escapes to dull the pain of the failing marriage

3. Don’t look for the escape hatch! Partner with us instead!

When you are ready to stop swinging between trying harder or giving up…. Then just take a moment to take a breather. Our Christian Marriage Counselling will help you figure out exactly what you need to do or say differently to get things back on track. Our approach, utilising our unique "Relationship Ladder" Resources is designed to stop your marriage sliding into destructive patterns that may lead to divorce.

You see, we are not trying to save the marriage you now have. Rather we give you tools, resources and guidance to renew the marriage you want to have. We know it is possible for couples to regain control of their marriage, overcome past hurts and mistakes and even unfaithfulness. You can stop the arguing and start really loving again, connect with your partner more deeply than ever before, put sizzle back into the bedroom, create a happy home for yourself and your family. That’s a marriage worth saving!


Finally, Don’t waste another Day going it alone.
Request a Call Back: Rick Brouwer will be in touch to speak with you.



Total Wellbeing’s Christian Marriage Counselling will help you:
  • recover hope

  • save your marriage

  • heal and forgive an unfaithful spouse

  • minimise arguing

  • improve communication

  • feel more connected emotionally

  • survive your spouse’s mid-life crisis

  • rekindle your sex life

  • resolve financial disagreements

  • eliminate parenting conflict

  • deal productively with extended family

  • end chore wars

  • believe for the marriage you want to have

  • set a strong foundation for your future together

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